I born in Cameroon in 1964, now lives on the eastern border with China and Russia (Kazakhstan) where I practice my art and my job. The practice of drawing is part of his childhood. Painting is for me a privileged moment when I can completely let myself go to scrutinize my intimate essence. The depths of the human soul challenge me. From my earliest childhood, I was fascinated by the drawing, the smell of a pencil, paper, gouache. When I was a teenager, I started to perfect myself by choosing watercolor because I dared not use oil for lack of self-confidence. In the 96s, I turned to oil painting at knife by creating some abstract paintings for three years, in NYC. 

Art has always been the driving force in my life. Passionate about painting since her childhood, Painting is for me a way of escape, expression and sharing my travels ..., I like that my paintings are seen, admired, criticized, disturbing. For me art must be in movement, my art ranks a little apart because it has, I think, the privilege of allowing to capture emotion at a given time and often keeps a mysterious side. "Painting and transmitting to others the love of materials, pigments, shapes".

I wish you a very pleasant virtual visit!.

Eric Borel.